General Assembly of the DEL network, Créteil, December 12, 2013 : report by Romain Badouard and Stéphanie Wojcik

Participants : Fabienne Greffet, Simon Gadras, Gersende Blanchard, Gérard Loiseau, Clément Mabi, Romain Badouard, Stéphanie Wojcik, Sarah Labelle.


Results of the membership campaign (Clément Mabi)
Thanks to the membership campaign done via the info-del mailing list, 73 positive answers have been received to date: members mainly sent links to their institutional web page.
Status and nationalities well distributed: Professor (17), Lecturer (23), Ph.D / post-doc (23) Other (10) ; 15 different nationalities represented.
Previously, information science, political science and sociology used to be the most common disciplines among DEL members. We should see how it turns out today.
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