Carlos Cunha


Lincoln University – USA / CIES-IUL (Lisbon University Institute) – Portugal

Résumé et mots clés de la recherche

In my research, I have broad comparative interests, as documented in my CV, and am regularly asked to participate in forums on Information and Communication Technology/Digital Media (ICTs/DM) as well as World Communism. I have been regularly nominated by the Portuguese government to be a member of the Management Committee of various four-year, European, research projects (most recently [2012-2016] for the Dynamics of Virtual Work project where I was also a member of two of the four Work Groups). My newest involvement is 2016-2019 as the New Media contributor to a Portuguese National Science Foundation funded research grant “Crisis, Political Representation and Democratic Renewal: The Portuguese case in the Southern European context” that will formally end with a major conference in June 2019.