Clémence Pène


Laboratoire LabTop / Université Paris 8

Résumé et mots clés de la recherche

My thesis aims at analyzing the political uses of the Internet developed from 2004 to present during presidential campaigns in France and in United States with a focus on cyberactivism. The comparison will question the construction and the transnational circulation of new political “patterns.” It will focus, in particular, on the French elections of 2007 and the US of 2008 both of which were the occasions for new political practices and technological innovations. These practices included the formation of activist networks who gathered in communities and managed to recruit new volunteers who shared political contents through online platforms.

#activisme #Internet #campagnes #transnational #US

Cinq publications les plus récentes

– « La nouvelle “science électorale” américaine », Revue Politique étrangère 2/2013.