Kerill Dunne


Université Paris Ouest Nanterre

Abstract and key words of the research

Currently I am a Maître de langue (English lecturer) at Université Paris Ouest Nanterre.
My PhD was focused on the role of information communication technologies (ICT) and digital media in government and democracy and how they can be used to increase citizens’ participation in politics. My interest in this area of study stemmed from growing concern regarding political disengagement among citizens within western representative democracies. My PhD, entitled, The value of using local political online forums to reverse political disengagement, examined the ability of online forums to support participation and deliberation in order to tackle political disengagement.

At the moment I am interested in local government use of social media (Facebook / Twitter) to empower citizens and strengthening local democracy.

Five most relevant publications

– Dunne, K. (2011). Can Online Forums Be Designed to Empower Local Communities? tripleC – Cognition, Communication, Co-operation Journal, 9 (2), p154.
– Dunne, K. (2010). Can Online Forums Address Political Disengagement for Local Government?, Journal of Information Technology and Politics (JITP), 7(4), p300.
– Dunne, K. (2009). Cross Cutting Discussion: A form of online discussion discovered within local political online forums, Information Polity Journal, 14(3), p219.