Sergio Braga


UFPR/Federal University of Parana (Brasil)

Abstract and key words of the research

My current research activities focus on the impacts of digital technologies in representative institutions and on the use of the internet/social networks by South America’s parliamentarian representatives. Currently, I am coordinating a research project financed by Brazil’s CNPq (National Scientific Research Council) entitled: Comparative perspective of political representation, parliamentarian elites and new technologies (2011-2015).
Currently I’m developing a post-doctoral research under the supervision of professor Stephen Coleman titled: “Comparative perspectives on political representation, parliamentarian elites and digital technology: the use of internet and social media as a tool of interaction by representatives in South America, USA and the United Kingdom” financed by Brazil’s (CAPES) Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level -or Education- Personnel:

Five most relevant publications

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– PERNA, A. ; BRAGA, Sérgio. The Invisible Side of Political Participation: E-Participation Mechanisms and Information Management in Latin American Parliaments.In: Mehmet Zahid Sobaci (University of Uludag, Turkey). (Org.). E-Parliament and ICT-Based Legislation: Concept, Experiences and Lessons. IGI Global, 2012. 237-257. Web. 6 Apr. 2012.
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