Simon Delakorda


Institute for Electronic Participation

Abstract and key words of the research 

Simon Delakorda, M.Sc., is eDemocracy / eParticipation practitioner & researcher and founding director of non-governmental organization the Institute for Electronic Participation in Ljubljana ( Starting in year 2000, he participated in an early digital democracy projects within university and NGO’s sector in Slovenia. He is an author and co-author of articles and case studies and conference speaker on democracy, political participation, active citizenship, non-governmental organizations and governments on-line. He received political science B.Sc. degree on e-democracy in 2002 and M.Sc. degree on e-participation in 2009. Currently, he is Ph.D. student of Social Informatics at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. He worked as an e-democracy course associate and researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, as co-founder and head of the Centre of Electronic Democracy at the Institute of Ecology and as an e-democracy associate at the Arctur IT Company Ltd. During 2006-2007 he coordinated and managed the E-participacija web portal and facilitated the first successful e-democracy project in Slovenia – the Citizen’s Forum. In 2007 he founded the Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA). His current projects and research focus include political informatics, democratic challenges of digital society, e-participation at the EU level and civil society based e-democracy. His memberships include the UNDESA Working group on Measuring and Evaluating e-Participation (METEP), Slovenian Political Science Association, Demonet: the eParticipation network of Excellence, CEE CN eParticipation experts group and Association of the Slovene NGO’s managers. He received awards and experts recognitions as an e-democracy student, expert and facilitator.

political informatics, grass-roots digital democracy, non-governmental electronic participation, electronic public sphere

Five most relevant publications

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