Yanina Welp


Center for research on Direct Democracy, University of Zurich

Abstract and key words of the research

Direct and participatory democracy, e-participation, e-democracy, e-governance

Five most relevant publications

– Breuer, Anita & Welp, Yanina (eds.). Digital Technologies for Democratic Governance in Latin America: Opportunities and Risks. UK: Routledge, 2014.
– Ortiz del Amo, Marian & Welp, Yanina. Sociedad Red. Estado, Economía y Sociedad en la era de la Información. Barcelona: Editorial UOC, 2013.
– Welp, Yanina & Wheatley, Jonathan. “The Uses of Digital Media for Contentious Politics in Latin America”, in Digital Media and Political Engagement Worldwide: A Comparative Study, Eva Anduiza, Michael Jensen and Laia Jorba (eds.). Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012.
– Welp, Yanina. “Bridging the Political Gap? The adoption of ICTs for the improvement of Latin American Parliamentary democracy”, in E-Parliament and ICT-Based Legislation: Concept, Experience and Lesson, Zahid Sobaci (de.). USA: IGI Global Publisher, 2011.
– Borge, Rosa; Colombo, Clelia & Welp, Yanina. “Online & Offline Participation at the local level: a quantitative analysis of the catalan municipalities”, in Information, Communication and Society vol. 12, issue 6, 2009.