Network presentation

The « Electronic Democracy » research network (DEL) was created by Gérard Loiseau and Stéphanie Wojcik in June 2002. Until June 2013, the network was hosted by the CERTOP Lab under the supervision of Gérard Loiseau. From then, it is attached to the CEDITEC Lab (UPEC) and directed by Stéphanie Wojcik. The goal of the DEL Network is to share and promote researches related to the transformations of government practices in contemporary political regimes with regards to the development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The researchers belonging to the DEL Network come from various academic disciplines and geographic areas.

DEL Membership is free and open to all researchers, regardless of their institutional status.
DEL is an interdisciplinary research network which includes researchers coming from political science, information and communication sciences, sociology, as well as IT, law, geography, urban planning, economics and management, philosophy, whose researches address the critical study of “electronic democracy”.

The various scientific events organized by DEL are organized in partnership with two research laboratories: ELICO (Université Lyon 2) and COSTECH (University of Technology of Compiègne) :
-the annual meeting which bring together network members, that happens in December every year, and that allows them to discuss their respective work ;
-the seminars which provide a forum for discussion of researches on the issues and topics of interest to the network.

DEL is an international network and contributes to the organization of events in conjunction with international research centers and associations (IPSA or ECPR for instance) and has organized an international symposium in June 2013 called « Online Political Participation and Its Critics ».

DEL has three mailing lists: info-del, dedicated for network members and news-del 1 and 2 for DEL « friends » (people interested in e-democracy but who do not want or can not become a member) and a twitter account, @reseauDEL.